Thursday, November 11, 2010

Luxuriously Lavender Laundry/Mud Room

Our laundry room bridges between the garage and family room.  Therefore it must function as an entry/mudroom, laundry room, and mail dropping station.  This room is on a cement slab along with the garage and since we live in Michigan it is a chilly room for half of the year.  The 100% white color scheme made it feel dirty and cold.  Since the paint on the walls was a flat white, it was not scrubbable and filled with scuffs and dirtiness.  For the walls I used Behr's "Silver berry" paint.  By defining the walls in a subtle color the room surprisingly appears larger!    I regret and do apologize that I do not have any 'before' pictures.  Take my word that it was white on white and there was not any organization before this transformation.  Organization was my first priority in this space.  It now functions very well for our busy family. 

The cabinet to the right of the washer/drier and above the wash tub was a dark wood tone before I painted it.  I also spray painted the gold hardware with silver.  The striped boxes above the cabinet house my sewing supplies.  Since my sewing machine matches this room, I decided to display it.  I only use it a few times per year, so this works for me!  I have travertine tiles left over from our kitchen back splash, so I would like to use them up under this cabinet.  I also think it would be a neat detail to add corbels to the bottom of the cupboard.

The shelf above the laundry machines was a free basement find.  I painted it to breath new life into it.  The mail organizer has been a life saver in this space.  No more piles!  This was purchased on clearance at Marshall's/HomeGoods.

The framed poster was leftover from my college dorm days.  Funny how the Eiffel tower never goes out of style.

The key holder was a bargain find at Marshall's/Homegoods. 

For now, this space also functions as a diaper changing station.  Hopefully my twins will be done with diapers soon.  Maybe someday I can add add a counter top surface here?

The towel hook near the sink is new as well.  When we purchased this house there were not any towel holders in any of the bathrooms or other spaces.  Strange, I find them essential.


A full length mirror was added to hopefully avoid leaving the house with two different shoes or worse. 

The two framed tissue paper collage pieces were done by my 2.5 year old twins.  Such treasures!


The two matching floor rugs were given to me by a neighbor.  They are perfect for the space and I am certainly grateful for them!  

Mud Room

This coat rack and organizing bench set were purchased from JCPenney.  Everything has a place so everything is in place.  Hat/mitten bin, diaper bag space, school papers, coupons, etc. it is really wonderful!

As I was sitting on this bench for the first time observing my accomplishment it felt like I was sitting in a lovely sun porch.  Tea, lemonade, cookies anyone?  Oh wait, this is a laundry room.  Tide?  Downy?  Biz?  At least this space is relaxing and enjoyable for tackling the mounds of laundry that never seem to end.

 "As long as there is laundry to be done than you are surrounded by loved ones"

Pure Joy

It's the simple things in life


  1. Sheri, this is so cute. I viewed this while eating my lunch and it was like visiting with a friend and seeing her new laundry room. Our laundry room is pretty organized, but not nearly as pretty as yours and this inspires me to stop waiting for the big remodel and just spruce it up a bit. I spend a lot of time there!

  2. Your laundry/mud room is dreamy! Twins? Oh my goodness, they are adorable!

  3. pretty space - thanks for sharing! :)