Thursday, November 11, 2010

Precious Pink Palace

This room is one of my favorites!  It was put together for my oldest daughter, Olivia.  This room is spacious and bright.  It is the perfect place for reading and imaginative play.  It would only be fair to give credit to the previous home owner once again because she chose the wallpaper, curtains, dresser, night stand, decorative plates and picture frames, as well as the bedding and pillows!  She was kind enough to pass these along to us since her daughter is all grown up.  What a joy, thank you Mrs. K!


We removed the faded carpeting and refinished the existing wood floors.  I painted the bottom half of the walls a cheery coral pink color.  The picture frame above the bed was painted with the wall paint and the picture was exchanged with one of my favorite photos of Olivia and her sisters.

The lamps were found at Marshall's/Homegoods.  The shades were perfect, however I painted the wooden base to match the rest of the room.  The rug is from the nursery in our other home and was purchased at Kmart.  My dad made the BEAUTIFUL rocking horse as a gift for Olivia on her first Christmas!

The shelf above the bed was another 'gift' from Mrs. K, it was moved from the kitchen to this room. 

The "Olivia" oval was a special homemade shower gift that we received from our cousin.
Longaberger baskets are happily displayed throughout our home and they are a beautiful addition.  This coral color basket on the dresser matches perfectly!  I am thankful to my Mother-In-Law who has worked for Longaberger for over 20 years and has graciously given us so many baskets!

The green gingham slip cover on the rocking chair was my first sewing project - ever.  It was a little frustrating and difficult since I was about 8 months pregnant with Olivia when I did it, but it turned out great!  It was created to match her crib bedding and I am so glad that it  matches the green detail in this wallpaper so well. 

This room was designed especially for Olivia Christine.  Hopefully she will enjoy it for many years to come.  For the cost of paint, floor refinishing, and lamps this space turned out great!  It is amazing how most of the components in this room were re-worked to make this precious pink palace for my oldest princess.

Olivia's room is growing up with her.  She now has a double bed because her room doubles as the guest room when we have overnight guests. 


  1. Olivias Room is precious!! I hope she enjoys a bunch! *great job*
    Stop by and tell me what you think of the changes I've made and give me your suggestions... I love your taste! Follow me ;)

  2. How lovely! The wood furniture is to die for! Olivia is a lucky little lady! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)