Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quick Switch - Kitchen Pantry Doors Antiqued

Pantry doors have come a long way, baby!  These doors had nothing of interest when we moved in.  They were plain, flat doors painted white with brass knobs.  Since our kitchen has 4 doors it was important to make them more exciting.  I changed the knobs to an oil rubbed bronze, painted them a creamier white color (matched to the cabinet color), and added trim to make them look like raised panel doors.  I had my dad help with this project.  My husband made a remark that still comes up regarding this project.  He cleverly dubbed this a "waste of time, waste of money".  In the end he cannot believe how much it added to the kitchen and he now agrees that it was not a waste of time or a waste of money.  The overall cost was around $150 for the knobs, wooden trim, paint, and glaze.
For a few years we had all of the doors painted the same way.  My oldest daughter, in the picture below had the idea of adding the carved wood appliques.  I found these at Home Depot for around $5.00 each.  I had one here for another project and she held it up to the pantry door and insisted that I get another one and add them.  Smart girl!  I love how it makes these two pantry doors stand out in comparison to the other 2 entry/exit doors.
The wooden appliques were first painted and then antiqued using glaze tinted with the wall paint color.  The raised panel trim was also antiqued.  I attached them using liquid nail and one small finishing nail.

"The details are not the details.  They make the design." - Charles Eames

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