Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Switch - Family Room & Living Room

I am starting a new blog segment called Quick Switch:  To spice things up and create a change of scenery at home I am always making quick switches.  This can involve putting items I already have in a new space or adding something new.  I am the queen of re purposing!  It is all about keeping things fresh even if it is only for your own enjoyment. This is simple to do by changing furniture & accessories around, decorating for the seasons, or by adding a new item to add interest.  Transforming an item you already have can freshen things too.  I am constantly tinkering with things: painting, sewing, embellishing, etc.  Just when I seem content I find a fabulous furniture piece or beautiful object to re-work into our home (typically these items are free or very inexpensive).  This hobby of mine drives my husband insane, but I enjoy the hunt!  He is sick of the junk, but once I finish each project he is secretly happy that he put up with my random collections and my wet paint brushes in the fridge... at least I think he is happy?

This quick switch was inspired by a collection of Wedgwood Cathedral plates I found at an antique store.  At first I walked away  loving them, but thinking I didn't have a place for them.  I looked them up online to see if there was a better price for them and found that the $48.00 price for 6 plates was very good since they were going for $15.00 each online.  I returned and bought the plates.


Once I brought the plates home I decided to hang them in the family room in a space that had previously not had much attention.  The plates didn't pop off the walls because they blended in with the paint color.  I pulled out a gallon of leftover dining room paint and it instantly became an accent wall and warms up the space.  It is a subtle change, but just enough to make the plates pop!

The newly painted accent wall is now the same color as the hallway to the laundry room/garage on the right side of these photos.
The white soup bowl on the left was bought at a thrift store $3.00 (3 piece set) and all of the other objects were items I already had.  Longaberger pottery pitcher, Willow Tree family figurines and a family photo printed in sepia tones.
A leather reading chair was brought in from the front living room, which gives that room a quick switch too.  We are freshened up for Fall!   

Wooden rocking chair and table have a new spot in front of the windows and the leather chairs separate to make two comfy corners. 

Back to the family room quick switch:
 Autumn Mantle 
Peace Lily plant and metal accents are now on top of the entertainment center
Thanksgiving Mantle
 Refreshed Family room is warm and cozy for Fall and Winter.  This quick switch was done in one day while my girls were at school.  Simple, quick, affordable, and beautiful. What changes have you made to revitalize your space(s)?
Enjoy Today!

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