Friday, June 3, 2011

Updating Light Fixtures

Foyer Fixture
Our foyer had a simple brass fixture.  The shape was attractive, but the aging brass was not so appealing.  With a little help from my dad, we took down the pendant, removed the glass, taped off the important light components, and spray painted it in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

After                                                                             Before
I like how this light fixture looks like it belongs in our foyer now with just a few dollars worth of spray paint.

Before. (Excuse the walls they were patched & waiting for a fresh coat of paint)

Stairwell Fixture
Another light fixture that I have wanted to update for a while is at the top of our stairway.  The single bulb brassy fixture was not very luminescent and it was screaming 70's!  We removed the tiny brass fixture and replaced it with a chandelier that was hanging above the breakfast table when we first moved in.  I sprayed the chandelier with a textured bronze spray paint and am pleased with the results.

Here is a blast from the past with that 70's fixture (Before)

Without shades = too plain
Notice we did have to get a ceiling medallion from Home Depot to easily cover up the space on the ceiling that would not have been covered by this chandelier.

With shades = classic elegance.  I like the soft glow and fullness the shades provide.

Before we moved in.  Light fixture located in breakfast nook.  Click here to see the kitchen now.

Stairwell After

Stairwell Before
These small projects remind me that design is in the details.  Small changes can lead to dramatic results and it doesn't have to cost a fortune to improve our homes.

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  1. I love the after foyer light fixture it does belong now in your foyer. And every light fixture you changed in your home. What I like most is it doesn't cost much to come up with beautiful results. Thanks for sharing your post.