Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Color on the Ceiling

Our kitchen is neutral.  It is creamy and taupe and classically safe in every aspect.  I like it that way, but when our ceiling needed to be painted due to a leaky shower, I decided to get creative and splash some color up above.  I chose Sherwin William's Festoon Aqua SW 0019.

As a first time ceiling painter I taped the edges and primed the surface before splashing on the color.  Below you can see the first few exciting and nerve racking strokes.  I was thinking I am either going to love this or hate this and at this point I could not tell you which way it would go!  

Before - You can see the water damage near the chandelier.
After - Shows how the warm aqua color warms up the room.

The aqua color was inspired by a hint of it in the curtains as well as some pretty accessories that I have been collecting 

I plan to add aqua to the back of the glass front cabinet and I am still deciding whether to splash the walls on each side of the windows with aqua.  Thoughts?

Adding color to the ceiling has added warmth.  It does not make the room feel dark or closed in.  One of my daughter's have requested that I add some clouds and a sunshine as it looks like the sky.  Come on over for a cup of coffee. Pictures don't capture the exact color or excitement that this adds to the space. 

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