Thursday, February 28, 2013

Precious Playroom

This room used to be a white, boxy guest room and office combo.  It was a room that was rarely used while our family room was working overtime loaded up with toys and books.    Now that our girls are a little older they are able to sneak away to play and let their imaginations soar in this precious playroom.

The first thing I did in this room was paint the walls a soft grey color (Behr silver sateen).  Gloss white Expedit shelving from Ikea organize our large book collection and tiny treasured toys stay neat and tidy in the canvas bins.  

This window bench began as an outcast basement coffee table inherited from the previous homeowner. While I was getting this project underway I gave this table a new life. It is a sturdy wooden piece with a large drawer. I spray painted it in a gloss white to match the color of the expedit shelves, added silk gerbera daisies behind the knobs, and had a cushion custom made for the top which makes it the perfect place to read or a hospital bed during imaginative moments.

The wooden curtain rods were spray painted gloss white. They were originally in the master bedroom when we moved in. I made the curtain panels from fabric I purchased on Ebay. I lined them and made a simple rod pocket at the top. You can see the detail of the fabric pattern below.
This white ikea lamp below hangs from ceiling hooks in the corner of the room and combines with a table lamp to illuminate the space.


This is a photo collage of our dancing ballerinas
The silver portion of this lamp was white porcelain and it was topped off with a red and green plaid shade - gasp!  (Another inherited item from the previous homeowner).  It is looking much more modern now thanks to spray paint and a new lampshade from Tuesday Morning Store.
In the photo on the right, all of the furniture was plucked curbside.  The chair was bright red and peeling.  I sanded it down and spray painted it bright pink.  The bookshelf needed a good scrubbing and I hot glued ribbons to make it more playful and to cover the ugly adjustable shelf holes.  Below is a before and after of the shelf.

After furnishing the toy room, the next step was decorating and organizing the abundance of toys. I found cute owl and flower wall stickers on clearance at Kohl's and they fit the color scheme perfectly! I used them to create canvases & to make the chalk board wall more playful and fun.

For the "Fruits of the Spirit" canvas combo, I used inexpensive canvases that were on clearance for $2.00 for the pair at Home Goods. The first step was spray painting them bright pink.  Then sticker letters spelling out "peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control" were added. Finally I sprayed over the stickers with white spray paint and allowed it to dry.  Once it was dry I peeled back the stickers to reveal pink letters in various fonts.  After adding the owl, bird, and flower stickers they were ready to hang! 

This rectangular canvas above was also re purposed and spray painted white and stickers were added.

The charcoal grey chalk board was easily painted onto the wall with a foam roller and the white frame was simply taped off and painted glossy white.  The playful stickers were added here along with an analog clock to help the girls learn how to tell time.
I am very pleased with the end result of this precious playroom design.  The girls have a lot of fun and make lots of messes  oops!  I mean memories in this space and the family room stays mostly clutter free now.  Happiness for all of us!